Google Releases “Files Go” for Android Phones

Google has Decided to Solve the Internal Storage Problem with its new Official Files GO App. Billions of Android Devices sold till now. Android Devices have 16 GB, and 32 GB of internal storage is being so familiar these days. By Going for a 64 GB Internal, You would be spending even more penny. It is so Uncommon to Find Phones with 128 GB internal storage, And There is No Android Phone out there which sells 256 GB of Internal Storage.


Right Now Apple is the Only company which is Giving 256 GB of Internal Storage as an option on Its Apple iPhones, and It runs on iOS. The Fact that Samsung Makes 256 GB Memory Cards for Android Phones is Happy news, But You Still cannot Install Apps on it. Even if You do, Phones like LG and Samsung Mobiles will Put the whole App back to Internal Storage again After the App is being Updated.

Google has Decided to Solve the Internal Storage Problem with their new Official Files GO App.  Google Files Go is an App which is recently released by Google as a very Good smart File Manager for All Android Phones. Files GO is not just an Average File Manager, But it does so many cool Things from Managing Storage and  Sharing Files to Nearby people.

People Who use iPhones and Other Apple Products would be already having this feature for years with AirDrop.  But Now this is Google’s Answer to Apple’s Airdrop with the use of Inbuilt Smart File manager, Also Called “Files Go”. It Doesn’t Use any of Your Expensive Mobile data or the Unlimited Wifi to Transfer Files.

Files GO is very smart File manager in Sorting and Categorizing the Files based on Usage statistics and If unused Apps are being Found for More Months or Years, It suggests to Uninstall and Remove files. It is So Intelligent in Finding Duplicate Copies of a File, Videos, and Photos which are Blurred or Pixelated,  and Also Unused Class Notes which are Probably over in your Last semester itself.

Files GO is specifically Built Exclusively for Android GO Phones written from scratch mainly for it, It also Can be downloaded by any Android user who is on Lollipop 5.0 or Higher. As Google is the One Which Creates Android Operating System, It knows What Files can be deleted and what Cannot be by Classifying data with Various levels of Classification.


Files GO will be replacing so many Third Party Apps like ShareIT, Clean Master, Smart Manager and Samsung’s Device Maintenance. All of them Gives you so many Ads and Consume running Battery like hell.  Files GO also Lists from Cache memory of Apps, Large Files and also delete that failed Download which you did a year Ago.

It also Offers The ability to move files to SD Card and Remind when you are in Low Storage. Files GO Directly lets you backup files to Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box. Google is Promising at least 1 GB of Free Storage for each Android Device, Which is A Big Saving and Avoid the need for a new Micro SD Card.

Features of Files GO

  • Free Up More Space
  • Find Latest Files Quicker
  • Backup Directly to Cloud Storage from Within the App
  • Share Files Nearby similar to ShareIT and Xender.