Google Inbox Review and Free Invites to Inbox

Gmail is the largest free email provider of the world and is leading a way ahead from other competitors. Google had introduced a new email service called Google Inbox, which is invite- only for the time been. Once, you had got the invite for Google Inbox, you simply need to install this application on your iOS or Android devices. The links can also be found in the invites. It is also accessible for the Chrome users. You can install it after getting the invite and can integrate your browsing experience through it.


What is Google Inbox All About

First of all, you must know that Gmail is not going anywhere and Google Inbox is a new service that will remain functional. You can use both of these services by Google at once and all your mails will be synced between them. This new email client of Google has lot of great features like snooze buttons, intelligent search that is built in, automatic labeling, attachment previews and much more. If you have got the invite then you will love to use this new service launched by Google.

Google Inbox Categorize your mails in Same Folder

This new service by Google read your mails and analyzes it completely so that it can move it to correct folder. You can check these folders through the navigation bar provided on the left side. The email that reaches your mailbox will be sent directly to the correct folder like mail regarding flight bookings, train reservation etc. will be sent to Travel folder and likewise to other folders. There are different folders to manage different emails wisely. It is an intuitive and intelligent service launched by Google. You can even check out the thumbnail previews of your mail using this app. Some other useful features of Google Inbox are as follows:

Pin, Snooze & Swipe

Inbox understands that every email that reaches to your mailbox is important and therefore you can make use of gestures. Just swipe the email for snoozing it so that you do not forget to read it. You can set the time accordingly and you will be alerted by this application.

Google Now Integration

The reminders that are set in Google Now will be integrated to the Reminder section of Inbox so that you can be alerted on time. This will be done automatically. Inbox can also add a quick phone call option. You can also get the information about particular store from here.

Other Features of Google Inbox

This application is based on the guidelines of material design and is simpler. The buttons had been revived for example- if you are sending email to someone then you only need to press circular button having plus composition. If you click to the names then name of people you send emails frequently will appear. This application is well polished and is completely overwhelming App.


Google Inbox By Gmail Video

Google Inbox Invite

Google has been all set to outrage most of its competitors by launching such classy services for its users. We hope that Inbox will soon become available for each and every user for free. By that time anyone want to join Inbox just comment your email ID and we will send you the Inbox by Gmail Invite.