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Gmail Update 4.7.2 Allows to Auto-Show Images For All [Download]

Gmail Update 4.7.2 Allows to Auto-Show Images For All [Download]

by Abhishek VoheraJanuary 10, 2014

Gmail Android App is now updated and allows user to set option for auto-show images. Yes, Gmail now host all the images uploaded by users at its own proxy server and which is very safe and secure. Thus now it is next to impossible to for senders to use images for malicious purposes.


Before this Update, the Gmail Android app the users have to tap on show images or show always button to see the images. But now after this update i.e. Gmail Update 4.7.2, once the auto-show option is set from the settings the images will automatically load in the mail.

gmail update for android


This Gmail 4.7.2 update apk was exposed by Android Police, and it can be downloaded by the link given below. This update is not yet reflected on Google Play Store and the user have to wait at least few more days to get this apk from there. But why to wait Android Police and Above Android have get the apk download link right down over here. So download , install and experience the change.

The size of gmail update 4.7.2 apk is 4.68 MB where is the pervious version which is available on Google Play Store says that size varies with device.

Gmail Update 4.7.2 Download Link :

Link 1
Link 2

Source : Android Police
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