Get Back All you’ve Lost With EaseUS Data Recovery App

Technological revolution reduces the sizes and needs for gigantic physical file cabinets by storing information electronically on modern devices such as computers. These devices allow people to conveniently access their data with spontaneity. With information saved electronically, we can manage our lives with just a few clicks and a swipe across the screen.


Computers, phones and other electronic devices are now commonly used in business settings to store and access corporate information. The bad news is, these modern electronic devices are not entirely invincible and they can fail at a certain point without warning. Serious system failures such as corrupted and damaged hard drives can eventually lead to data loss.

If you’re caught in disaster, how do you tackle information loss situation effectively? The good news is, the latest technologies have provided us with multitude of options to avoid and coup up with data loss situation. Inbuilt OS utility, cloud space and the newest data recovery software such as EaseUS data recovery wizard can help you recover your lost information and distribute a backup across different storage channels. Yes, there is hope despite a blood-curdling data loss situation you’re facing.

Get Back All you’ve Lost!

EaseUS Data recovery wizard free is free data recovery software to overcome file recovery challenges and prevent information loss in the future. This recovery software uses a modern approach to effectively recall your lost information from any storage media such as mobile phones, USB, laptop, digital camera and even lost formatted partitions.

EaseUS data recovery wizard does not require you to have a recovery experience to get everything back. It provides an easy-to-follow step by step solution to retrieve your data from sudden deletion, system formatting, virus attack, malware attack and even hard drive corruption.

Data Loss Recovery – Let’s get started

Install EaseUS Data recovery wizard. This data recovery software is very easy to download and simple to install. Once the free data recovery software is installed successfully, launch the program and start finding your lost data. The program offers a friendly graphic user interface where you can easily navigate your options to retrieve your lost data without a sweat! To start scanning, click “select a location to start finding data” such as lost partitions, existing partitions and other sources applicable.

Simple, Quick. Effective

The program conveniently displays the process bar on the upper part of the screen to show the status of the recovery process. Besides the process is the estimated time to recover your lost files. Scan your computer or other devices to recall the information that has been lost. EaseUS data recovery wizard free software provides two options for scanning your devices – quick and deep scan.


Deep scan, however, can only be performed when using the paid version of EaseUS data recovery wizard. Scanning your devices may take some time so it pays to be patient while recovering your files. Once the search and scan are over, you can choose the targeted files and hit the “recover” button. This allows you to retrieve all the selected files and save them on new storage devices and distribute a copy on different locations. It is recommended NOT to save your files into the device or place where you lost your data.

Download The Android App of EasyUS Data Recovery From Google Play Store.