Frequency App : Make any Website a Video Channel

Frequency app is the best way which enables the user to watch the internet videos for free and it includes coverage of all sorts and sections. The videos are provided to the user from multiple sources thus enabling the users to access the web entirely and watching the videos of their choice.5 keeping the recent scenario in mind, it syncs itself with the social networking websites, and allows you to watch the videos which are being shared by your friends, hence keeping you updated and informed of what your friends are doing. The videos which you may wish to see can be searched with the help of a keyword or even frequency guide can also be of a great help.


History of the App

This app was founded in the year 2009, which came with the services of providing video source to the users. However, the app did not gain that much popularity which was expected out of it. The reason behind its failure, may be due to the presence of their competitors already in the market which itself had a large variety of videos, to fulfill the needs of the customers and it may be even due to the fact that the user may be lazy enough to create another account to search for the same videos which were easily available on the other websites.

Features of the App

This app has a Holo Card UI Design, and lets you view all the apps in a single timeframe. It also lists the time which one has spent on his apps today or last week or may be last month. And also customizes no show list, which prevents your app from showing the app which you don’t want to see. It involves a simple registration process like new users can register for free or can also login the app with the use of a Facebook account. Users can also create a video of their own and can share it on this app.

Cost of the App

The services of the app is for free, hence the user is not required to pay any kind of registration or subscription fee for using this wonderful app. So you can understand that all this is provided for free to you, and nothing else can be better than this.

Look of the App

It overpowers the other websites when we compare the look, design and layout of the app. In spite of having a large network of videos at its disposal, it does not throw a list of videos on the screen of the users, until and unless the same is requested by the users. Moreover it a complete user friendly app which never discomforts the user while using it.


Frequency Android App is amazing app to watch videos from various social feeds as well as from the websites. The Frequency app is having 4.0 ratting out of 5 where about 630 have submitted their review. The Frequency app have got about more than 10,000 downloads. The size and the version of the app varies with the devices.


Samsung has also agreed to pre-load a Frequency app on all of its new Smart TVs this year. Frequency CEO Blair Harrison says that means at least 7 million people will meet the video platform when they flip on their new TVs — giving Frequency quite a head start when it comes to user acquisition. It is best for the users who like to watch videos on regular basis, however the ones who are not a video watcher, may not find this app of any use. It is different app from the present available websites, as it provides the users with various sources and also lets the user search the third party sources to watch the video which they like the most.


Final Words

Frequency takes the videos from various social feeds as well as from the websites, unlike most web video players, doesn\’t ignore the video content outside of YouTube, and this make frequency an amazing app to have for all the people who like to watch videos on regular basis.

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