Flowkey App To Learn Piano on Android Smartphone (Review)

Flowkey: Learn Piano is available for both Android and IOS devices, this application is also available in a web version application. This is one of the best piano learning applications available for all the major platforms available in the market. The positive thing about Flowkey app is that you can use your smartphone to learn piano which will fit right into your pocket. Basically, you will be having a private piano teacher along with you all the time who can help you to learn the piano.


Features of Flowkey – Learn Piano:

These are the key features offered by Flowkey: Learn Piano application for Android devices.

  • You can easily play your favorite songs, which includes hundreds of songs from various genre starting from classical to pop.
  • You can easily practice while monitoring your screen you can even use the microphone or MIDI connection.
  • This application is having interactive goals, by which u need to clear several instructions step by step. This instruction will ask you to complete several notes, chords, improve, technique, and various other things.
  • You can also take the help of high-quality video tutorials provided by several professional pianists. This tutorial will help you to correct your piano playing technique directly into your application.

Once you have installed Flowkey Learn Piano Android application from Google Play Store, then it will get you with their own slogan, along with the process and the requirement to run this application. You can easily learn any song to play on Piano by using this application, the user interface and the setup is rather neat and clean which can be used by any newcomers. You just need to tap on the start button, then you will be asked a few questions before you get started with playing piano in your Android device.

You need to create an account using Facebook sign in, Google sign in, you can even use the email account for signing up to create a new account. After the free account is created, you can choose from a catalog and start with any free course offered by this application on your Android device. This application is also having the ability to browse several songs according to its categories like you can search songs by popularity and even by the latest new releases. You can choose your experience level on playing piano from the top of the menu, which will help you to filter several songs according to your skill.

Experience level will categorize you into various categories, you can either be beginners, intermediate, advanced or professional. If you are selected the beginners’ level then everything will be easy for you to use, and you will get help along the way to use this application on your Android device. In the Android application, we will get to see the keyboard setup on your screen, with highlighted keys for you to start playing in your Android device.

You can either use your single hand, audio can use double hands according to your choice on your Android device. Once you start typing on the highlighted keys on the visual keyboard, then the piano will start playing and it is depending on the speed you are playing on the screen. You can either play the complete song using the highlighted keys, or you can focus on certain parts of a song which you want to play in the piano.

Apart from this, you will also be able to get courses which will provide you an introduction to piano

, reading sheet music, scales and various other things related to the piano learning course. The free version of Flowkey app will provide you eight free songs after that you need to go for the premium membership. Premium subscription will start from 1 month for $19.99, 3 months for $38.99 and one year for $119.99.
Developer: flowkey
Price: Free+