Flib Unit Converter : Best Tool To Convert Units

A Developer is always in a dilemma ! The questions that bother him are the ones like whether to put as many functions as he can , or to make his app look aesthetically beautiful, one that looks a class apart. Now here\’s one android app which concentrates its efforts more on the former than the latter. We are talking about the amazing Flib Unit Converter App which  has a flat UI, large controls, and well-designed interactions.


Flib unit converter is one of the most elegant converter apps for android that I have ever come across. It displays large icons with easy to read text and let\’s you change the interface colours. It is the first converter app that embraces a flat design style throughout, while at the same time providing a frictionless user experience. It is also the first product from Ten Days One App project. The application works as a one stop shop for converting mass, angle, are , dimensions , pressure , speed , temperature and so on. All categories are visible on a single page as icons for quick selection.

What\’s more – Flib will learn your preferences and auto arrange your frequent choices at the top of the list ; most accessed ones are placed on top for quick access. The converter window displays  a large number pad for quick input and you can select the unit for conversion from a drop down window. As you input numbers , the app instantly displays results. The most elegant feature of this app is that it works offline too with full fledged functionality and it is better-off when compared to Google Search over here. It is probably the most beautiful, intelligent and simple converter app you have ever used.

Q. Why you should try Flib?

1. A new experience for selection
At most 12 choices at first glance without scrolling, save your time on searching
2. Remember your choice on categories and units
The category list and units conveniently rearrange to put your most popular choices at the top.
3. 12 Colors to choose


Say goodbye to the metallic style, you can choose your interface color, let Flib follow your style.

Flib provides the following converters:
• Angle Converter
• Area Converter
• Base Converter
• Data Converter
• Energy Converter
• Length Converter
• Mass Converter
• Power Converter
• Pressure Converter
• Speed Converter
• Temperature Converter
• Time Converter
• Volume Converter

Download Flib Unit Converter
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