File Expert with Clouds : Ultimate App To Manage Your Files

In this fast moving world we require important documents at any time. It’s not possible to carry the laptop or computer to each and every place we travel. Here the File Expert applicationcomes in picture. It is one of the most trusted applications used by many consumers.


Why is File Expert needed?

This is the one of the most downloaded application from the android market. The latest smartphones already carry File Manager when they come out of the box.  Though it does a pretty good job however the File expert is an application for managing the files on the mobile phones, tablets, computers and cloud storage servers. It is one of the most popular application managers on android.

Benefits of File Expert

The main benefits of File Expert are:

  • It helps users to save the files quickly and easily.
  • It helps easily to transfer the files to other devices through all kinds of connections.
  • It can send the same files through Bluetooth, Wi Fi (Include WI Direct)
  • It converts your device into web or FTP servers to accept the files.
  • An easy User interface making it easy to operate.
  • Easy access to the gallery,pics , documents and applications
  • Makes it easy for the user to share the documents with friends.
  • Helps to search SD Card
  • Wide range of themes available for the user.
  • Powerful text editor.

What is Cloud?

Cloud is official cloud service provided by Geek soft Inc. It is used to upload the files and also gives the predefined categories for the same. It can download and restore the files irrespective of the location of the users. It is one of the ways to share the files. It helps the user to share the files in fast way. This application can be downloaded from the Google play store. It is available in different languages.

Enhanced Networking Support

File expert is a powerful file manager that is designed to replace paid applications. In one application it offers Wi-Fi, Web and FTP server managed bundled into one complete package.

It uses the cloud storage and gives the edges as compared to the other applications. It features all the basic operations (copy, paste, move, create and cut) for files and folders. The ability to manage cloud storage, Bluetooth transfers or view the other compression formats.

Screen Shots :


This is available in free and paid version. The paid version of the same contains more enhanced features.

  • The user can access the host computer through FTP Client, Samba Client and Bluetooth Client.
  • Manage SD Card contents
  • Put a folder shortcut on desktop
  • Create and decompress Zip Files
  • Access the computer and move the files between phone and PC.
  • The user can change the permission of the folders according to the usage.
  • Can access the system folders at mobile.
  • Helps to view thumbnails, text files and images.
  • Built in media server.

This is one of the easiest ways to transfer the files between tablets and PC. Easy to use interface and use of cloud storage gives the access to files and folders. It supports Google Drive, Drop box, SkyDrive and Sugar Sync.


Ease of use

If you find it hard to transfer the files from PC to Android Tablet and you want the method to be hassle free the answer is File Expert.

Download File Expert For Could from Play Store