Fantastic 4 Apps for Independence Day of India

India is now 67 years old and today we are celebrating the 68th Independence Day of India. India was a home to the ancient Indus Valley Civilization and a region of historic trade routes and vast empires, the India was also identified with its commercial and cultural wealth for much of its long history.  We are proud to live in such a great country and are really thankful to our motherland. Thus Above Android team have decided to write article on Apps for Independence Day of India.

Today on the occasion of Independence day, we have sorted out fantastic 4 apps to install and feel more patriotic. We Indians feel to change the profile picture for the today’s date but what about wallpaper and eagerness to know more about India. There are many such things which can be done today and below listed are the few apps for Independence day of India.

Apps for Independence Day of India

1. Real India Flag Live Wallpaper

A brand new real 3D India Flag Live Wallpaper which you can view in 360 degree! This is an interactive India flag which you can raise or lower it by swiping the screen! 360 India Flag features are Raise or lower flag by swipe up or down, Create flag with your own logo, Double tap to change flag, Control rotation by phone gyroscope, Current and historical India flag and many more. It is one of the must try apps for Independence day of India.

2. About India

This application provides information about India such as geography, demography, culture etc. It also gives information about national symbols used in India such as National flag, national animal, national fruit etc. About India application is provided with Read-Out-Loud feature which enables your device to read out the text for you. It also provides information about Indias history interms of both Chronology and Category wise. It also throws light on Indian Constitutional Laws. ‘About India’ application provides National Anthem (Jana Gana Mana) and National Song (Vande Mataram) of India along with its translation in English. User can also listen to the national anthem and national song. This application also provides information about various famous tourists places in India. It lists all the states and union territories in India along with its capital and other information.

3. Indian Keyboard

Indian Keyboard is custom made with Indian Theme for Indian All over the world. Whether you are an Indian living in India or an NRI living abroad, This Keyboard is made for you. Indian Keyboard Is fully functional keyboard and does not require any third party software. It is one of the must try apps for Independence day of India. Indian Keyboard Features include:  Complete English Language Keyboard with Indian Theme. Complete English Language Dictionary support with Type Ahead and Error Correction features. Voice, Sound and Physical feedback when keys are typed. Many more feature available through settings.

4. India Wallpapers

This app is a super collection of photos of India in HD quality. You can easily personalize your homescreen with the India pictures and make your Android device more interesting. Every photo provided by this app is perfect and awesome! This application is the best choice, if you like India! Application works offline. It doesn’t  require net connection to download wallpapers. It is much easy to save every wallpaper to your SD card. You can browse photos in icon or full mode. India Wallpapers Supports screen rotation and all all screen resolutions and devices (including tablets).

This was all about fantastic apps for Independence Day of India, there were many such apps about India and its glory, if you find any cool app then surely let us know by the comment section below. Also wish Above Android team – “Happy Independence Day” in the comment section below.