Facebook\’s Slingshot Now Available Globally : App Review

You might have heard about Snapchat, which is the messaging application that helps you to send videos and images to your friends. After the message had been viewed at other end, it gets deleted after some time. Now, Facebook had launched a competing application named Slingshot. This is the instant messaging app that was initially made available for download to people living in USA. Now it’s time to be happy. This messaging application has now been made available globally.


But one of the major differences that you will notice between Snapchat and Slingshot is that you can send many messages in Snapchat, with recipient able to view every message as soon as it arrives. But in Slingshot, you need to send a ‘shot’ back to unlock the last ‘shot’ or message you receive. This is very beneficial in extending the interaction. Once the ‘shot’ is unlocked by you, you can respond to it quickly. You do not need to log on to facebook to use this app. Slingshot is a good standalone app that make use of your mobile number for creating a profile. Let us have a close review about Facebook’s Slingshot.

Finding Friends on Slingshot

Slingshot is very unlike to other standalone applications of Facebook. It does not need your Facebook friend list for the contacts. This app revolves around your phone number to start with it. Before you can actually start working with this app, you will receive a confirmation app on your mobile phone. Enter the code and enjoy this app.


This application allows you to search the people you know. There is no central menu of contacts, where you can view your connections easily. Also, there is no approving process to add the connections. People can send messages to anyone. A person receiving messages can choose to ignore the messages, if they do not wish to see the message. You can select to ignore the messages from that user and hide all the messages.

Slingin’ Selfies

As soon as you launch this app, it will take you to application’s camera. The button for selfie toggles around the front and rear facing camera of device. Holding down shutter button will help you to record the video. Although, the camera quality of Slingshot is better than that of other apps, but this app don’t allow zooming of image.

Add Text to Videos and Images

Adding drawing and text to videos and photos had now been made simple with Slingshot. The text you add is limited to 140 characters and can be repositioned on image. The size of text can be mage bigger by dragging it from down to top.

Shot for Shot Message

This is an additional feature with this app that can be helpful to improve the interactions. If anyone sends you the message, you need to send a ‘shot’ or message back to that person to unlock the previous message. This may be irritating sometimes.


Overall Slingshot by Facebook is a great application launched so far. People are moving rapidly towards it. You can enable to save the photo automatically on Slingshot. So, this was all about Slingshot by Facebook.

Download Slingshot from Google Play Store