Everything Me Launcher with Amazing Prediction Bar

Everything Me launcher aims at taking your android gadget to the next level by turning your Smartphone into a “go-ahead phone.”  Everything me launcher is an innovative and extremely unique novel launcher app for Android. It is also described as a ‘dynamic’ launcher that is known to change itself according to you. Trust me or not, this launcher will make you fall in love with Android.


Instead of allowing to you switch your Home screen into a muddle of icons and wallpapers clashing with each other, the launcher will advise you apps and services in line with what are you doing at a particular instant.

Novel Launcher

Now, what is meant by that? Well, every one of us is aware of the different apps and stuff Google has already provided that makes our handset get used to different ways. The talk of the town is the advent of a novel species of contextually-aware launchers and apps in the world of the Android. Taking about Everything Me, it is a novel launcher that adopts a unique idea and works according to it.

The best facet of the launcher that distinguishes it from others is its ability to make instant changes in its appearance and design to match with the topic of your search.  For example, if you are looking for a movie, your app will immediately change itself according to movie times, reviews, and trailers. In the beginning you will possess your usual customizable app lattice, but as soon as you carry out a search, everything changes.

This launcher app begins with a pretty good number of smart folders that have been created for you. The first sight will however appear a quiet messed up but as soon as you move further you will be impressed by the launcher. It also makes it somewhat easier for you to install apps and widgets from other already installed and used launchers too.

Prediction Bar

The major point to communicate in Everything Me Launcher is the \”Prediction Bar.\” Present at the bottom of the how Screen, it is a row of four app icons that keep on changing as per your location, the time and your app usage over time. Simply tap on this and it will open up a full-screen with a card (or cards) having related information subsequent to a chain of different apps.

You will be amazed to glance at the “What’s on Your Mind’ section present on the top of the home screen. Just type the first letter of whatever you are searching and you will get good amount of results. One point where Everything Me launcher is flawless is the procedure and interface surrounding universal search. It is the display and instant retort you obtain on Everything Me Launcher gives off a superior feeling.



Final Say

The Everything me launcher app has been developed to help you simplify your phone experience along with offering extremely new content with minimum user system. The system is quiet effortless. Download Everything Me launcher immediately from the Google Play Store absolutely free.

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