Engineering Buddy (MU) to help students with Study and Events

If you are doing engineering course from Mumbai University, than you should be really thankful to the developers of DreamCorp Apps. Yes, two young developers, who themselves are engineering student from Pillai College have developed this Android App for their fellow buddies. Abhishek Satre and Rajat Soni are the faces behind the creation of this Engineering Buddy app which helps the students to get the test papers, syllabus, results, books and reviews about coaching classes and the engineering colleges.


All In One: Engineering Buddy (MU) App

The main plus point that this app has been such a viral for MU students is that it provide all facilities with a single application. Starting from syllabus to papers, exam schedules to results, attendance recorder to college fest, and the Engineering Buddy (MU) app provide one stop solution for all requirements of the student. The whole app is divided under three section: Daily, Frequent and Search. We will discuss all the features of the app in detail now.

Daily Tab

The smart developer of this app have divided the screen into three tab and each tab have four options in it. The daily tab consist of Syllabus, Attendance, Test papers and Exam timetable. This stuff is regularly checked by student. There is again four sections in syllabus for the FE, SE, TE and BE students. After that just select your branch and the syllabus will open up in PDF format. The same is there for the Test Paper and the Exam Timetable. We will explain the Attendance recorder separately.

Attendance Recorder

This is the main feature of this Engineering Buddy (MU) App. The user have list down the subjects and make a timetable once, later on it will automatically ask you for the lecture attendance and will keep a count of it. It will also display the attendance percentage alongside with every day’s attendance. You can also update the timetable if any new modifications is there. You can mark a lecture as Attended, Not Attended and also there is a provision of Lecture Cancelled.

Frequent Tab

This tab consist of again four options, they are: Forum, My Notes, Books, Latest News. A user can log in to the forum and can easily create thread and also post a reply to it. User can also sort the threads according to the departments and ask or answer the questions. My Notes is to make your own notes and save them and refer it later. Book section gives you the list of books available for a particular subject of a specific department. The Last section of Engineering Buddy (MU) App consist of news and updates from the Mumbai University.

Search Tab

A user can search for a classes, colleges, results and the fests. You just need to enter your year and department, there will be a list of classes on your screen. The registered users give the rating and also review about that classes. The college guide will give you a list of colleges under Mumbai University and complete detail about it. The users can also get the FE and BE university results directly from Engineering Buddy (MU) App. The last but important part is the Fest Details, you can easily get the information about upcoming fests with events, date and website link.


Verdict for Engineering Buddy (MU) App

If you are Engineering student than don’t even bring any second thought about this application, just download it and feel the luxury to get all resources under single tap of the app. The rating and review of this app is amazing and soon it will reach other heights.