Emberify launches a Quantified Self Chatbot with Instant 4.0 app

Emberify launched Instant 4.0 with a built-in Quantified Self Chatbot coach. Instant is a self-tracking app that automatically tracks time spent on the user’s smartphone, travel, at places, while sleeping & on fitness activities. The Chatbot coach analyses the user’s data to provide users with trends and correlations. (“You’ve been sleeping better from the past three days since your walking has increased”) Users can even query specific tracked data from the Chatbot.


Instant makes life logging automatic for users. It passively tracks data from smartphone sensors, the OS and wearables (optional). Further to make the data useful for users it provides them with weekly reports and the Chatbot coach.


“The problem users are facing with the Quantified Self movement is that they are not being able to stick to it. This has been happening since self-tracking hasn’t been automatic or too many apps are needed for it. In some cases, users track themselves for years and then realise that they aren’t getting value out of the data. With Instant we have made self-tracking automatic and seamless using the smartphone OS/sensors. Further to add value to the data we have created reports that convey data through story-telling techniques and the Chatbot coach to analyse trends and correlations,” says Shashwat Pradhan the Founder and CEO of Emberify.

Instant also collects data if wearables are present through Google Fit on Android. It also syncs with the Android Wear smartwatches to provide a dashboard on the smartwatch. With Instant 4.0, users can also share their weekly reports as a visual image on social networks. Last year, Instant won the Google Fit Developer Challenge!

Instant for Android smartphones & tablets is available on Google Play Store :