e-Gram Swaraj App Download, News and Important Details

On 24th April 2020, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi launched the e-Gram Swaraj App on the official web portal egramswaraj.gov.in. The app was launched on the occasion of the National Panchayati Raj Divas as a portal of simplified work-based accounting application of Panchayati Raj. Let’s have a detailed look at the e-Gram Swaraj Portal app and its details.


What is e-Gram Swaraj App ?

e-Gram Swaraj app is an online portal specially developed to monitor the events organized for the rural areas. It has been developed to digitalized the Panchayati Raj system in the country. The app and the portal will showcase the progress of various activities taken up by the Panchayati Raj Institutions. This will surely increase the transparency and extend the access of information to the citizens of India. The app version is an extension of the e-Gram Swaraj web portal.

Apart from the online portal, the app will enable all the users to get each and every bit of information about the Panchayat Raj System on their smartphones. The government has launched the mobile application in order to make users get connected and avail of all the services of the e-Gram Swaraj portal. You can download the app from the link provided below.

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PM Swamitva Scheme

Swamitva scheme is a scheme that will survey the land properties in the rural areas. The scheme will be implemented all across India and the surveys will be done using drone technologies. the surveys will be done for four years in phase-wise. The first phase will be 2020-2021 and the government has projected a budget of Rs.79.65 crores for this. The entire Swamitva scheme is expected to survey about 6.62 lakh villages all across India. Under the first pilot phase, i.e 2020-2021 six states will be surveyed including  Haryana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand.

E-Gram Swaraj Online Portal

To strengthen e-Governance in Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) across the entire country, the Ministry of Panchayati Raj (MoPR) introduced e-gram swaraj, a user-friendly web-based portal. e-Gram Swaraj aims to bring in better transparency in decentralized planning, progress reporting, and work-based accounting. This will be done by a work-based accounting technique and by the progress reporting of the activities. This attempt of government will make the government PRI more credible which will help in to bring more funds from the center to the PRIs.

The basic goal behing the initiation of this portal is to strengthen and facilitate transparency and make e-governance of the PRIs (Panchayati Raj Institutions) more stronger in different parts of the country.

Download e-Gram Swarap App

Price: To be announced

Features of e-Gram Swaraj App

The prime features f the e-Gram Swaraj Portal or e-Gram Swaraj App are:

  • To Maintain profile of panchayats- elected members/representatives, election details, committee etc.
  • It is a simple and user-friendly portal to use and operate.
  • Enabling of workflow
  • Helps to create action plans and planning of activities (wishlist, the shelf of activities, convergence, resource envelope, actions plan, )
  • Used for storing all the assets
  • Provides availability of assets on Gram Manchitra GIS
  • It has a strong authentication mechanism mainly based on open source technology.
  • Helps in fund monitoring and work-based accounting
  • It is web-based and the facility is available 24 hours.
  • The portal supports all the major browsers- Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer.
  • Its architecture supports operability with the other PES (Panchayat Enterprise Suite) products.  
  • Recording the financial and physical progress of the operations (technical approval, administrative approval, geo-tagging, progress reporting, etc.)

What are the main Entities of e-Gram Swaraj App?


The users of the portal will be targetted by:

  • Urban Local bodies (like Cooperation’s, Municipalities, Town Areas, etc)
  • Rural Bodies (such as Village panchayat, block-level panchayat, district panchayat)
  • Citizens  
  • Line Department

Last Words:

This was an in detail explanation about the e-Gram Swaraj App. If you still have kind of doubt regarding the app you can mention your queries in the comment section below. The download link is mentioned above so install the app and avail all the features.