Install Google Now Launcher with Google Search 3.2 [APK Download]

Google have recently made lots of updates to their existing apps on Google Play Store for apps like Hangouts, Google Search, Google Drive, Google Maps, Cloud Print, Newsstand. Surely you all have already installed all this new updates into your smartphone. The most amazing update was of the Google Search with the 3.2 version and the cheery on the cake is the Google Experience Launcher which is now named as Google Now Launcher.

The Google Now launcher is officially available only on the Nexus 5.But  By installing the Google Search update of 3.2 from the Google Play Store, and installing the GoogleHome APK which is provided below, thus now you can experience the Google Now launcher on nearly any Android device.

We at Above Android have tried lots of launchers and have also wrote the review of few of them, but the feeling I get while using the Google Now Launcher was simple amazing. The Launcher is as simple and attractive as Google is.

After installing Google Now launcher you can get a quick access to use Google Now by just sliding to last home screen on the left hand side. it simple opens up the Google Search. The Google search have just got an update of version 3.2 and you can easily get it from the Google Play Store. Yes with updated version the Google Now has taken itself to a new level of user satisfactions. There are new animation with which user surely get attracted and would love the experience.

The below video explains the features and the functions of the Google Search 3.2 and Google Now Launcher with amazing demo that shows you each and every end of the app and the launcher.

How To Install Google Now Launcher:

First update the Google Search from the Play Store or from the link given below, then open Google now. Now Install the Google Now Launcher Apk which you can download from the given below link and then set the launcher as the default launcher. That’s it, Now you can enjoy the experience of Google Now Launcher.

Download Google Now Launcher :