Datsme: New Friend Finder Platform Based on Psychology

Datsme is a Friend Finder Platform based on Psychology to help you find Compatible Friends nearby!


In this era of Dating Apps, Datsme is a Friend Finder App. 

You can find Friends based on your Mindset, Compatibility and Similar Interests via Psychology.

This application could be a great hit for making friends of your type as the algorithm is so unique and powerful that it shows you a list of people based on the attributes that you have provided so you will see people who are like-minded to you. With this growing need of technology and circumstances like Covid-19 where we are not able to connect with people, this could provide a medium to have someone to talk to and find a person who understands you.

How to Get Started with Datsme

Instructions are simple so let’s get started and find a perfect friend for you!

Concept Behind Datsme

We believe that Psychology is the best approach to help us connect with friends sharing High Compatibility.

High Compatibility comes from similarities in lifestyle, values, beliefs, perceptions, worldviews, perspectives and more, which is the foundation of Datsme Questionnaire based on Psychology.

In this Hyper-Stimulating World, Compatibility is what holds a Friendship together.

Features of Datsme

Datsme comes with amazing features to help you find your perfect friend.

1. Tag Search

Unleash the power of Social Media with our cutting-edge technology.

Search for People through 300+ Interest-based Tags
You can select up to 3 Tags in a single search.

Tag Search

2. Location Search

Moving to a new place?
Admission into a New College?
Switching workplaces?

We got you covered. Find Compatible Friends before you even get there.

Location Search

3. Map Mode

Datsme Map offers a gamified experience to help you find compatible Friends near you.
Become the Top Profile for the day for the datsme Map Mode.

Map Mode

4. Talk to a Psychologist

Designed to uplift your mood,
Talk to a Psychological Expert to brighten your Perspective.