Cosmic Watch : Ultimate Watch App with Tones of Features + Giveaway

We at Above Android are here with Cosmic Watch app. Nowadays most of the peoples are always busy with their smartphones. But there are still some peoples who like things about the universe. Meanwhile, if you’re a hardcore fan of astrology then there are such apps in Play store which can give you best experience. If you are unaware of such apps then we are here with Cosmic Watch app.


Cosmic Watch is a great Android app which offers a different experience than usual apps. It is one of the best 3D and interactive astronomical clock which shows a high-quality view of  planetarium and timepiece. The app is available on both Android and iOS platform. With Cosmic Watch app, you can get real-time World Clock functionality along with an ability to travel forward or backward in time.

How to Start with the Cosmic Watch app:

  • First, download and install Cosmic Watch app from Google Play Store.
  • Open the app, now you will see a bunch of options which the app offers.
  • Now, click on any region of Earth and get local time of that region
  • That’s it, now pinching on the screen, you will get a closer look at every particular region.

However, the app allows users to explore the different times of day from all over the world. Also, with the app, you can explore the whole solar system. It is a 3D augmented reality app which is designed for peoples who likes spaces, astronomy, astrology and more. Moreover, if you’re a fan of astrology and looking to find out more about the universe then Cosmic Watch app is a perfect option for you.

Using the watch app, you can easily search of a place of your choice and also marked that place as favorite one to come back again. The app also has time traveling functionality which allows a user to adjust the time back for few years. With time back feature, you can see how the position of constellations changes and also look sunrise from the outer space itself.

Features of Cosmic Watch App:

  • The app has a smooth and simple user interface.
  • It offers many different views like an Astral chart, constellation view and more.
  • Within the app, it has many informative layers which can be used to educate kids about what’s going on in the universe.
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  • The Watch also has time travel feature which lets you to travel backward or forward.
  • Using Cosmic Watch app, you can see Geocentric and Heliocentric views of the solar system.

The watch also includes a 3D interactive astral chart along with constellation view. However, the constellation view covers entire globe and allows you see what is visible and from where. In addition, the app has a nice and simple user interface which work pretty good without facing any lag issue. Also, you can hide all the extra options besides the solar system.

You can download Cosmic Watch app from Google Play Store. Meanwhile, the app is not free, it will cost around Rs. 100 to install the app from Play Store. What do think about Cosmic Watch app? Do try this app and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.

Download Cosmic Watch App

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