Chrome Beta Review With Why And Why Not To Install It

Google has yet again done a fantastic job with the new Chrome browser available on mobile platforms. The introduction of Chrome Beta is considered to be quite a rival to the existing desktop experience on smart Android phones. The Beta version has incorporated new features that have been tested and received overwhelming response from users after installation. The Chrome Beta version supports excellent speed and is one of the fastest mobile browsers which make it more enticing that the earlier Google Chrome. The speed is the most important feature of this Beta version of Chrome and navigating internet search engines have become extremely easy and convenient with it.

A step ahead from Chrome

Now get your pages loaded within the blink of an eye and experience the panache of a fast server with Google Beta Chrome. Simple sites take hardly any second to get loaded while the busy sites get loaded within a few seconds easing your work ten times easier. The Beta Chrome is easily downloadable in Android phones from the Google market play store. The Beta version has created a blazing impact on browsing and this makes it better than the stable chrome.

Chrome Beta, a better pick

Apart from the impressive speed supported by the Beta version of Chrome there are numerous other captivating and beneficial features offered by it. Some of these commendable features highlight the novice tilt controls and support for WebGL. The updates in the stable channels of Google come after 2-3 weeks or about 6 weeks after major release while in case of the Beta version or channel the updates come weekly and 6 weeks for the major ones. This is a major attractive feature besides speed in Chrome Beta that makes it a choice over Chrome. Internet is primarily used for the purpose of opening required sites. With Beta Chrome and one single click get all the information within countable seconds.

Disadvantages of Chrome Beta

Speed is thus the major highlight of Beta Chrome but there are certain lacunae involved in this version. Stable Chrome allows a perfect and seamless navigation without the crashing of the sites. It does not meddle with the performance in contrast to Beta Chrome which may crash and put you in a fix. The stable Chrome makes use of sophisticated technology that makes web browsing easier and safer which gains some plus points with regard to the Beta version.

Your choice between Chrome or Chrome Beta

If you are pondering between the selection of Chrome and Beta version of chrome then here are some useful notions about it. if you wish to operate your Chrome impeccably without letting it crash and do not wish to experience the beauty of new features then the stable Chrome would inevitably make your choice and taste. But if you want your browser to offer your incredible speed and hence load the sites quickly then Beta version is the apt pause. Besides the installations process is also simple and seamless and with the new features incorporated it makes the perfect choice for current technological fad and trend.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free