Check Your OnePlus 2 Invite Status with Android App

Yesterday Morning the 2016 Flagship killer OnePlus 2 was launched in the way it have never before by any smartphone company, it was the very first VR launch for any smartphone. The OnePlus 2 was priced at 329$ (23,999 Rs) for 16 GB and 389$ (24,999 Rs) for 64 GB. The OnePlus 2 will be available from 11 August 2015 and again in Invite based system. OnePlus has said OnePlus 2 buyers will get their invites much quicker than last year as well. Let us explain you how to get OnePlus 2 invite first and then we will explain about how to check your OnePlus 2 invite staus.


How to Get Invite and Buy OnePlus 2 ?

You need to register first with your email id on this OnePlus 2 Invite Page. Then you will get a confirmation link on your mail, after confirming the email id, you will get a referral link and your current status in the queue. Now refer friends to sign up with your link to get bumped up in the queue!

How to Check OnePlus 2 Invite Status ?

Indian Developer Suraj Jain and Anirudh Loya have came up with an amazing app to named OnePlus 2 Invites Status to easily check your OnePlus 2 Invite Status by just adding your email id with which you have registered.

The OnePlus 2 Invites Status App is in the early version of it and have many cool features such as showing the current position in the queue and also gets a notification about your current position. You can also change the frequency of the notification.

The app is very light weight and is about 1.3 MB only in size. It requires very little memory to operate and is compatible for all android version above 3.0, which means about 90% of all android devices. The app have got very good initial response from the audience and have received 4.8 star ratting from about early 50 users.

The developer Suraj and Anirudh are planning to come up with more updates and make this app more useful. The future plan of features to integrate in this app by this Indian Developer are as follows :


1) Keep track of multiple referral ids.
2) In app sign up for a invite (No browser needed)
3) Android wear support.
5) Easy option to buy OnePlus 2 from your favorite  site.
6) Notification about new discount options and invite system.

Download OnePlus 2 Invites Status App