Canon Launches New EOS 1200D with Canon EOS Companion App

Canon have just launched it new entry-level DSLR named as Canon EOS 1200D with its own mobile app to help you get started with your new camera. Canon EOS is the best and the latest entry level DSLR from Canon and will come for an attractive price of £349.99 which is about 35,000 INR (body only). It is expected that this DSLR will goes on sale around the Marsh 2014.


The app shows you how to get the most from your EOS 1200D. Use an interactive button guide to learn about the camera’s functions, while step-by-step exercises help you shoot confidently out of Auto mode. Video tutorials introduce the basics of photography with helpful techniques, and if you’re looking for inspiration, photo challenges will encourage you to think creatively.

The Features of Canon EOS Companion App:

  • A button guide teaches you about the EOS 1200D’s controls
  • Explore the basics of DSLR photography with video tutorials
  • Learn how to apply principles of photography with step-by-step exercises
  • Find solutions to common photographic problems
  • Be inspired by photo challenges

This is a very smart move by the Canon which will surely inspire the young mind which are greatly influced by the photos and the photography. By launching a new and latest entry level DSLR with such as great Canon companion app by Canon will surely grab the market some how or the other.

The Canon EOS Companion App is availabe on the Google Play Store and if you thinking to buy the Canon EOS 1200D then this app will give an all round idea before purchasing this amazing DSLR by Canon.


Downlaod Canon EOS Companion App: