Bounce! Legendary 90’s Game on Android

Remember those old days, when the only game we loved was Bounce! A simple game where you had to control a ball to collect all rings and unlock the door. This was a very popular game which all 90’s kid will remember. But as new smartphones were launched the game also disappeared but guess what! That game has been developed for android users, so you can get it on your Android Device , thanks to 35cm Games for the remake of that game.


About Bounce:

Bounce is a pretty awesome game of the old smartphones of Nokia where you can control a ball with key pads 2,4,6,8 and collect rings to get through the level. If you were the Pro of bounce you’ll also remember the only cheat code of that game!” 787898″ by which you could have got an infinite healthy and you never die!


On Android device you’ll have to control the ball by on screen buttons with two arrow keys on the left side of the screen and one jump key on the right hand side. The installation is pretty simple as the game is directly available on Play Store.
The game offers 10 levels and all you need to do is go through the ring and find the door.



I hope you enjoy playing this retro game on Android! If you have any queries or problems installing this application feel free to comment below, also share it with all your friends.

Developer: 35cm Games
Price: Free+