Best Web Analytics Tools [App] For Android : Google Analytics

Many of the Blogger and the Web Developer friends of mine ask me the same question again and again : Which is the Best Web analytics tools [app] for Android? . Thus I wrote this post to highlight the features of Google Analytics, which is the best web analytics tools available on the Google Play Store.


Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. The product is aimed at marketers as opposed to webmasters and technologists from which the industry of web analytics originally grew. It is the most widely used website statistics service : Source – Wikiepdia


Few features of Google Analytics are as follows :
  • Real Time Data
  • Details Statistics
  • Traffic Source
  • Active Page Details
  • Page Views with Timely Density
  • E – Commerce
  • Good User Interface

The Google Analytics Provide the accurate real time data which helps the web masters to work accordingly. The App also shows from where the visitors have came, the visitors were on which site previously. It also tells us that the visitor came directly to the site or via any referral or via search engine. This app also disclose the keyword using which the visitor landed on the site.

One of the best feature of the Google Analytics app is that it shows timely density of the visitor and their page views. By analyzing this we can manipulate that at which time the website is most active and the bloggers can update the content at that time effectively.

We can also include e – commerce details in the app by some simple steps and we can get detailed analytics of each and every products and service.  Some other features of Google Analytics are as follows App-Specific Metrics and Dimensions, Browser / OS, Flow Visualization, Map Overlay, Mobile Traffic, Social Reports, Traffic Sources, Universal Analytics, Event Tracking, Flow Visualization, In-Page Analytics, Real-Time Reporting, Site Search.