Battery Bar : Energy Bars on Status bar of your Android Device

Be Honest and tell us, How many of you check the battery level when you unlock the screen. Almost all of have the habit of doing so.  Many of us just watch the battery level, where some of us need the numeric value for battery level. But have come back with an amazing app which will change the way you check your battery juice. There are many apps are present in Google Play Store for checking the battery status of your devices but, Battery Bar is one of the best apps for Android devices. It offers users a new way to visualize their battery percentage instead of just seeing a number or a battery icon.


This Battery Bar app will put a status bar at the very top of your display also, you’re getting more customization option. You can set the battery bar’s thickness, transparency, numbers of styles and also you can add some different animations to that bar. You are getting an option to insert a battery percentage inside the battery bar, so you will not only get the strip which can be check at any time while using your phone, but you will also know your exact battery percentage. The battery will get disappear when the full-screen app come or while watching videos on Youtube. It allows you to set a different color for your battery portion.

Features of Battery Bar:

  • It Changes the boring percentage number into a colorful energy bar.
  • Also Offers users a slick way to visualize their battery percentage instead of just seeing a number or a battery icon.
  • You can customize settings such as the thickness of the energy bar, power bar color, battery percentage and battery bar position.
  • The app also works well with full-screen apps such as YouTube for eg it get disappear when you go full screen so it doesn’t distract from your watching video.
  • The best part of this app is that you can set the bar’s color segments that help differentiate from 25% remaining or 50% remaining. You also get choose how the bar is divided into the five segments, meaning you can set the percentages.
  • Ty out many different styles and see which one fits your phone’s display better.
  • Also, pick a charging animation which will be displayed at the top of battery bar.

Battery bar works silently without more usage of RAM. It doesn’t monitor any changes in battery level when the phone screen is lock. Android system just broadcast the message to Power bar for any battery percentage changes, so it doesn’t require to check battery level all the time.

The Battery Bar application is not free, you just have to pay $0.99 in order to use it. As there are many offers on app and game in this week on Google Play Store, so this app is free of cost and its sale will end in 2 days. Also, this app is compatible with all Android phones with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and higher. You can download this app from Google Play store

. Do try this Battery Bar application and let us know about your feedback in our comment section below.