Android app auto-replies to WhatsApp texts when you’re busy!

Many Android phones have an option to give automatically reply through SMS when you miss any kind of call. There wasn\’t any app which can give automatically reply on Whatsapp, but now you can do with Whatsapp Messages when you are busy in your any kind of Work, this new app knows as Can\’t Talk.


You have to set your customize message then choose what apps you have to include with it and also don\’t forget to set the toggle auto-reply on. When someone messages on your selected app, then automatic text with send to that contact who has pings you and also this app will notify you with silent notification.

Features Of Auto Reply to WhatsApp: Can\’t Talk

  • It auto-reply to SMS, Missed calls and app Notifications.
  • Helps you to specify which app can be replied to.
  • It Can Auto-replies to your filter contacts.
  • You Can Personalise your response.

Upcoming Features:

  • Multiple profiles:

It will help you to create a \”work profile\” or a \”home profile\” or a \”driving profile\” with specific responses

  • Contextual Switching:

Automatically turn profiles on & off depending on whether you\’re driving, in the office, at home etc.


It also works same with Whatsapp group chats – if you see this app, it will send your customized message on your behalf in middle of that conversation, so this app is one type of blessing or a curse.

You can set a specific time, how long this Can\’t talk app should wait before it sends an auto-reply to the same person again and again. The default time of the app is 15 minutes, you can also increase the time which will help you in group chats, rather sending replies again an again.

Can\’t Talk is not a free app but they are giving you two-weeks trial plan which is good enough. The App is available for Free, so just grab it right now. According to me, this app needs a bit of improvement, but you can auto-reply to your contact


Download now Auto Reply to WhatsApp: Can\’t Talk