Amazing Android Apps By AVG Mobile Team To Speed Your Smartphone

Many Android Developers have just aimed to get a targeted user for the variety of their apps. They just provide the apps which can increase the productivity of the Android Smartphones.One of them is AVG Antivirus for Android. There are thousand of apps under this category where as on few apps get thousands of downloads. One of the well know company and Top Android Developer are AVG Mobile Team. They just aim to provide all the smartphone solution under a single Developer name.

Many a time various developer make a single with various features which cost huge in size. How can a user with low end smartphone and very low memory can utilize it. So the AVG Mobile Team aims to make various apps related to Tools, Security and Productivity. In this blog post I am going to introduce you all to some of the best apps of the AVG Mobile Team.

1. AntiVirus Security
This is the best free antivirus app available for android there are many features of this app such as Anti-theft & Phone Location, Safe Web Surfing, Performance, Task killer, Local wipe, Call and Message Blocker, App locker, App Backup. All this features are just awesome and will surely make your smartphone full secure. This app have been installed more than 50,000,000 times and have a good rating of 4.6 out of 5.

2. AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner
AVG Cleaner lets you quickly erase and clear your browser, call and text histories, as well as identify and remove unwanted cached app data from both the device’s internal memory and the SD card. Eliminate unwanted cache data, old browser history or call and text message (SMS) logs to make more storage space available for the apps and data you want. Monitoring memory usage can also help identify and stop unnecessary cache RAM processes. Stopping or removing such processes can assist in improving your device’s performance and act as a speed booster.

3. Uninstaller

When we uninstall any app, some files get saved by the app , so we need any method by which we can complete uninstall the app and release the memory. AVG Uninstaller is a FREE app that lets you quickly view the last time you used an app and tells you how much battery, data, and space it’s using. You can then choose to quickly and easily remove those apps (apk) you no longer want or use to free up space for the apps you really want and help improve your device’s performance – all without the hassle of going through multiple Android OS tasks.

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4. AVG Battery Saver & TuneUp

This is the app for the people who regular complain about their battery up time. There are various app which unnecessary use system resources and just waste the battery. AVG Battery Save & TuneUp save your battery and support your phone to give the best performance. This app aims to provide user with More Space, More Power, More Stability and More Control. We can also install the AVG TuneUp Widget on your device’s home screen so you always have a quick snapshot of what’s going on with your device.

5. AVG Image Shrink & Share

This app is just of size 2.2 Mb, which is very small as compared to many other image processing app. Most of the users love to use Facebook, Twitter , Instagram and many other apps to share and upload the images but the size of images clicked by the camera are really in mega bytes which are big to upload and can utilize lots of your data usage. So this app will reduce the size of image and can be easily uploaded and shared. We can also increase storage space by shrinking images so you can save new ones on your phone or tablet.