AirDroid : Manage your Android from a Web Browser

AirDroid is a must have application for the Android users. You need to be connected with Wi-Fi to use this app. It won’t use you internet data speed. It works magnificently well through Wi-Fi Direct at a spectacular speed. Airdroid is very easy to use application helpful in checking casino luck review and had got a well organized interface. Let’s learn using this app and check out some awesome features of this application.


How to use Airdroid Application?

AirDroid application is available for free on Google PlayStore. It opens an interface on your browser window entering the local IP Address generated by this application. After you have entered IP Address, Airdroid app will ask for the confirmation on your Android device. Bypass this step from settings menu and click on ‘Accept’. If you have registered with Airdroid, you can even sign in from the official site of Airdroid.

Features of Airdroid Application

Some of the best features of Airdroid application are listed below. You must have a look at them.

Swap the files between your Android and PC at really fast speed

Transfer of file is one of the most liberating features of this application. You can transfer the movies in less than a minute time between your PC and Android device and vice versa. All thanks to Wi-Fi Direct for providing such a fast speed. You can upload music or any media file anywhere on the device easily. You can even download the entire gallery from your phone to PC as compressed file within minutes. Airdroid do not limit the user from transferring data between their smart phone and PC.

Manage Messages, Contacts, and Calling List

If you are comfortable in typing SMS from your PC then Airdroid is one of the best applications to do so. You can even send multiple SMS sitting in front of your PC from your number. Airdroid provides you way to send & delete SMS and search for the SMS on your phone’s inbox from your PC. You can even manage your contact list, create the groups, add contacts, disconnect the calls, and even dial the numbers directly from PC.


You can use Airdroid to wipe data from a remote location. If you fail to enter the correct lock code, the intruder feature of this app will take a selfie shot of person, who had entered the wrong password.

Manage the Camera Remotely

You can access both front and rear camera from your PC using this application. You can even display the real time footage. This feature is executed gracefully without wasting the battery of your device. You can even use it to monitor the ongoing activities of a place when you are at another location. If you have night time remote view of other location of your house then you can also Fire the flash from your camera using PC/laptop.


Pros of Airdroid Application

Some of the benefits of using Airdroid application are as follows:

  • It works over a Wi-Fi connection
  • It has got a responsive web interface
  • It is available free of cost
  • It supports number of devices and works on all the browsers