90Night : App To Make Your Sleep And Dreams Better

It is believed that every human should have complete sleep at night to be ready  for the challenges that he will have to face the next morning. Scientifically it is said that, our sleep should be in the cycle of 90 minutes. Sometimes we sleep for hours but then too we wake up very tired and lazy. It is because we woke up in between of our sleep cycle. So to avoid such tiredness and laziness there is an android app which help you to calculate your sleep perfectly. The name of the app is 90Night: SleepyTime Calculator.


 What is 90night : Sleepy Time Calculator ?

90Night : SleepyTime Calculator is an android app which helps you in calculating your sleep cycle. It is an app which makes your sleep and dreams better. The app is made by Jonathan Nakhla. A sleep cycle is 90 minutes long and sleeping happens at night , thus the developer named it as 90Night. With the help of this app your sleep would never remain incomplete and you would never wake up cranky or tired.

The app mainly serves one information  i.e the time you need to sleep and at what time you should wake up. This app keeps track of your sleep. Using this app just doesn\’t give you the time at what you should wake up, but it also helps to set an alarm by just a single tap. The app is not much spacing consuming as it takes just 466kb of your memory.

Features of 90Night: SleepyTime Calculator :

  • The ability to set how long it takes you to fall asleep and 90night will use that time in its calculations
  • Support for both 12/24 hour format (with the ability to change them)
  • A night mode for using a dark theme for the app to avoid straining your eyes in the dark
  • Buttons to set alarms for each time (with optional confirm dialog box which can be turned on in settings
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  • The option to automatically add extra snooze alarms after you set the original alarm (with the option to pick how many alarms you want and the interval between the alarms)
  • NEW: Dashclock extension to show you your sleep times right from your lock screen!