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5 Android Apps I Can’t Live Without and Why

5 Android Apps I Can’t Live Without and Why

by Abhishek VoheraJanuary 20, 2016

Today Early morning when I was surfing on Quora, I found one very interesting question, “What are 5 mobile apps you can’t live without and why?” and at the same moment I got an amazing idea to write a blog post over here and reply to that question.


Importance of this Question : 5 Android Apps I Can’t Live Without

Firstly, I would like to tell you the importance of this question. At the current point of time, the App industry values about $25 Billion and it is expected to grow upto $77 Billion by the year 2017. I also truely believe in the statement by Vijay Shekhar Sharma, CEO PayTM that “If the Next Big thing is not an App, then it is not the Next Big Thing.” So for a company it is important that their App should be installed in every smartphone to grow and do business in such a competitive world. To gain profits and take over the market, it is must that the app should get a mention in  the Answer of this question that is “5 Android Apps I Can’t Live Without and Why”


5 Android Apps I Can’t Live Without and Why

  1. Quora

    Yes, Quora is first in my list and the reason why is because for me “Learning is Life” and “Helping is Life”. Quora is a platform where I can learn a lot and also help people to whom I can. Thus, it is an App without which I can’t live.

  2. Google Chrome

    The second in this list is a Google Chrome. Today in this connected world we can get abundant of information by visiting any website or online encyclopedia or blog. We just need a browser for all this tasks. The reason it is second in order is because it replace lots of applications which I can’t download due to memory constraint in my smartphone but access the service using the browser.

  3. WhatsApp

    Can you imagine a world without any communication, NO. Then how can we make this list of 5 Apps I can’t live without leaving a messaging or communication app behind. WhatsApp is the best IM application with large audience in India. Recently they made an announcement of making WhatApp Free for All and Everywhere.
    whatsapp i cant live without

  4. inshorts

    It is important to have an up-to-date information as it has a lots of value in the modern world because of the constantly changing nature of the world. Thus I believe to have a news app in this list. Inshorts is an amazing app to read transform news by handpicking the most important stories and presenting them to you in 60 words.
    inshorts above android

  5. MoneyView

    Money may not be the important things in everyone’s life, but managing money would be surely an important thing for everyone’s life. So MoneyView is a supercool personal money manager app. With MoneyView app we can Track our Spend and be in budget, Get single view accross all bank accounts, Manage bills and pay with single click and also split bill with your friends.
    moneyview above android

So this was all about the 5 Android Apps I Can’t Live Without and also with the valid reasons. I hope you should also find out which 5 apps you can’t live without and it would be great if you also find out why. Comment below and Share with your friends #5AppChallenege

This was all my personal view and we at Above Android would also like to know your five apps which you can’t live without and list them in the comment section below.

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About The Author
Abhishek Vohera
Abhishek Vohera is the Founder and Chief Editor at Above Android. He is from Mumbai, India. Abhishek is a IT Engineer by education and also Blogger and SEO expert by passion. He is crazy about Android and a true Google Fan Boy.
  • Brad Boesen

    Was this written by a third grader?

  • massiveloop

    Chrome, Textra, Inbox, Shopping List, and Google calendar– in that order.

  • Jay West

    Number one on my list is definitely Tasker. This app automates my life for me. When I get near my house, my garage door opens for me. Depending on the weather, my thermostat will change from heat to cool, on or off and so on. I could go on and on. Next is SwiftKey keyboard. I never have to type anymore, SwiftKey predicts the word most of the time before I hit the first letter. Next is my backup pro. As many times as I’ve replaced my phone, this app has saved me. I think every android phone has Google maps, so it’s probably overlooked by many of us. How many times do you look up the location of something, get directions or traffic reports? This is the app. And last is Google opinion rewards. Real money to buy so many of these great apps for answering a few simple questions.

    • eresatay uffyday

      I too have Google opinion rewards and I’m shocked at myself for not mentioning it lol. You should check out drippler. I freaking LOVE this app!!

      • Jay

        Drippler is a great app. Not one of my top 5, but top 10 for sure. I bought an 8″ galaxy tab awhile back and installed drippler on it the same day. A little later I got a deal alert that th 9.7″ of the same tablet was on sale with the book cover for less than what I spent on the 8″. Needless to say I have the 9.7″ now. That app really is great.

  • SickandTired

    Too many typos, immediately stopped reading. Proof reading is important!

    • Not only typos, but the English doesn’t flow. Uncomfortable sentence structure. This is not a scientific manuscript where you forgive these sorts of things because fact communication is what counts. This should be pleasantly readable.

    • Thank You @Xmorganln:disqus for your comment. I agree with you and will take care of it ahead.

  • TK

    I echo what Sick said. This is ridiculous that this broken, Indian-English was allowed through an edit phase on a professional site. Too often, this style shows up in tech related areas like IT recruiting, XDA, etc. Any interesting content or topics get overridden by the extra time it takes to translate the message into proper English in your brain.

  • eresatay uffyday

    Don’t let the negative comments get you down!! I applaud your efforts!! Please do keep up the good work, you guys are obviously not perfect. Americans can be such judgemental shits! In any case. My five apps I’m no particular order are GOOGLE CHROME, DRIPPLER, GOOGLE NOW LAUNCHER OR NOVA LAUNCHER, GOOGLE EARTH, AND POCKET…..I’m a Google fan, can’t ya tell?? Ha! Thanks guys , don’t stop improving and working hard I will definitely support this site

    • Thank You @eresatayuffyday:disqus for your support. I agree there were many mistakes and we will keep improving on it always.