3 Grams Multi Unit and Currency Converter App Review

We usually use online converters to convert various units or we google it out, and in case you are using Android Smartphone then you can use an app for that. There is a various app for converting units are available in the market, but only a few apps are having multiple conversation feature in their app. Among those unit converters, 3 Grams Multi Converter is one to name.


3 Grams Multi Converter App Review:

3 Grams Multi Converter is developed by RizbIT apps and available for Android devices. The main useful feature about this application is that it provides 10 categories of conversion units to be converted instantly in your devices. The 10 categories of the units in the application includes World Times, Degrees, Clothing, Shoe Sizes, Bit/Byte, Length, Volumes, Currencies, Temperature, Weight/Mass.

Although only one negative point about this application is that, it is filled with ads. You can even opt for a pro version of this application to remove the annoying ads along with various other features. Although for converting various units in this application, you will require credits. Initially, you will be offered 100 credits once you install this application in your Android device.

If you opt for pro version then will get unlimited credits or else you can buy credit from the store this application by doing in-app purchases. It is having a neat and clean user interface, you just need to move the red button to the unit which you are trying to convert. Most of the features can be used offline, only you need to connect with the internet for converting exchange rates and World Time.

In case you have no idea how to use this application, then you can always use the tutorial section for a video demonstration of the usage of this application. There are lots of spaces to improve, and the conversion accuracy is good. Overall this app is useful in most of the cases, feel free to try this application in your Android Devices.


So guys, Just try out this app and let us know is it useful or not. We will surely reply to your comments. For many more such amazing apps, keep visting Above Android.