Compare Android TV vs Smart TV

Everyone likes to upgrade their gadgets and electronics in their homes according to the trend and requirement. Similarly, TV sets are one of the most important electronics which we have in our drawing-room. Unlike earlier, TV has become more complicated with various features.


Currently, there are two types of TVs available in the market which are trending right now. You can choose from smart TV, or you can choose Android TV. In this article, we will discuss and compare Android TV vs Smart TV in detail.

Smart TVs:

The most popular kind of TV used by most of the users due to the availability in the cheap price range. You can purchase a smart TV for ₹7,299 which is manufactured by Noble Skiodo.

There are several other brands available in the market that are also manufacturing smart TVs which is available under ₹15,000. Dose brands include Xiaomi, Thompson, JVC, Kodak, iFFALCON, etc. 

Even though each and every one of these brands manufacturing Smart TV’s, the major difference is the operating system. The operating system is entirely depending on the manufacturer, most of the TV run on Tizen, WebOS, HomeOS, and various other Linux based operating system. Even most of the TV is differentiated due to the availability of apps. 

There are several popular apps that are also available on the TV like, Hotstar, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Videos, and various other apps. You need to subscribe to this application in order to stream various movies and TV series directly into your TV.

High-speed internet connection is much required for streaming content without any issue. Several well-known manufacturers like Samsung & Sony also making Smart TV, rather than going for the Android operating system for their TV. 

Get complete information regarding the smart TV along with various features and hardware available in the price range. Smart TVs do not get much of the software update compared to Android TV.

If you are thinking about purchasing Smart TV for your home, then you should definitely look into these pros and cons. 


  • Easy Setup without any technical help.
  • Most of the manufacturers are making Smart TV.
  • Single Remote is used for controlling the TV.


  • Firmware and Apps are having various limitations.
  • The operating system used by the smart TV may no longer be updated or used.

Android TVs:

The smart TVs which are running on the Android operating system are basically Android TV. These TVs are having all the smart TV features, but due to the Android operating system, we can get access to Google assistant. Google Assistant will help us to navigate through various features available on smart TV by using voice commands. 

With the help of Google assistant, you can easily increase or decrease the volume of the TV, change channels and various other functions. Most importantly you can use the Google Assistant in a similar manner which you do in your Android devices. You can ask Google assistant for various questions, you can also get weather information, or ask it to find something for you or various other features. 

It will also help you to control all the IoT home devices just by using voice command. Android TV will let you download and install any apps which are supported. There are various apps included in Android TV’s which include Google Play Music, Netflix, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Hotstar, Twitter, Spotify, and various other apps. 

Not only you can download and install apps on your Android TV, but you can also download various games. There are various games that are already available for Android TV’s which include Mortal Kombat, Minecraft, Asphalt 8, Final Fantasy and various other games. Before choosing Android TV, you need to look into the pros and cons before purchasing for your home.


  • Available in the much cheaper price range.
  • A large number of apps supported by the TV.
  • Smooth and user-friendly operating system with easy update availability.


  • Very few manufacturers are making Android TVs.
  • The user interface is much difficult to use if you are a new user of Android TV.

Importance of Operating System on TV:

Previously, there was no operating system available on TV. The operating system much required in modern TV which technically makes your Smart TV a computer system in a certain way. Due to the availability of the operating system, TV can now function in various complex ways. So basically, you can easily access internet connection and download various apps. 

Apart from the operating system, you need to look into various other features before choosing any TV for your household. Most importantly you need to look for compatibility of 4K along with HDR function. So, choosing the best features available on the TV along with the operating system is much required. You need to keep in mind that, the different operating systems on TV can give you different results with functions and apps. 

Most importantly, various apps may not be supported on your TV if you are not informed about the support regarding this. So, it is most important to choose a TV with a similar operating system that the user is much familiar with. So, we will definitely recommend you to go for Android TV over any Smart TV with different Linux based operating systems.

It may also happen that, most of the famous brands are not manufacturing Android TV. In that case, you need to go for alternative brands, as it will give you various extra features along with support for a massive list of apps and games on your TV.


Last Words:

There are several major differences along with features, so you need to choose according to your needs by reading the complete details on the comparison. We have collected complete information on Android TV and smart TV from various sources and user reviews.

We have listed down the best possible features offered by this TV’s, which will make it easier for you to make a decision. Share this innovative article with others, so that they get to choose the best TV for their home.