Android TV : How to Use Android Television Effectively 

Android TV is the latest Smart TV from Google that was announced at Goggle IO 2014. This Amazing product from Google lets you enjoy your smart television and android apps same time.  Users can either buy it or they can also add this new platform to the existing TV using a stand-alone set top box. This Android Television

will allow the users to enjoy all the apps and functionality at a big screen.

How to Use Android Television Effectively

This TV will be able to manage videos from various sources such as HDMI, TV tuners, IPTV receivers etc.


Most of the TV viewers sit at a 10ft distance which makes all the content visible clearly. In Android TV you can design an UI that resize the texts automatically depending on the sizes of the TV screen. Try to keep the text minimum as it is tough to read rather communicate with users via videos, images, voiceover and other ways.

Simplify and minimize the interaction

Whatever you do such as changing the channel, boot up the DVD player or any other things try to minimize the interaction to increase the speed. To hold the users attention there should not be more screens between the entry point of an app and the content immersion.

Easy navigation

Use the view group such as Grid view or list view as this arrange the app’s UI into grid or list which is easy to navigate using the directional pad and a select button.

Simple and uncluttered

Simple and uncluttered user interface is very easy to navigate along with providing a better 10 foot experience than a screen which is filled with so many smaller UI elements.


Overscan is the process that clips the edges of contents. It is better to give a margin around the edges of app which is free from any user interfaces if you do not want to lose any content for overscan.

As android TV runs on the android platform so a big benefit of this TV is that all those apps that are designed for android phone and tablet will also be available in android TV. We hope you have found this article about \”Android TV : How to Use Android Television Effectively \” found useful. Do forget to like , share tweets this post.