The Best Home Security Systems You Can Get On Your Phone

Security systems for the household are more essential now than ever before, offering a way to feel safe inside our homes without the bulky, outdated or expensive methods used in the past. As with many other forms of home-based technology, from lighting to electric meters, security systems have evolved to the point that practically every functionality can be controlled directly from your smartphone, allowing for quick and easy access to settings, or even to manage cameras and doorbell systems when you’re at work or away on holiday.


As a popular tool that’s more affordable to households than ever before, it’s no surprise that security system companies are popping up every day with innovations and different functions to suit just about any homeowner. We take a look at the best home security systems on the market that are available on your smartphone, and why exactly you might consider investing in them. Read on to find out more.


A relatively well-known smart security brand, Hive has been around for a few years now, and since their introduction has expanded and improved upon their range to offer homeowners a wide variety of different home cleaning service. Powered through a high-quality smartphone app, Hive even offers premade subscriptions for their services, which includes cameras, motion sensors and even sensors for doors and windows as standard. Thanks to this subscription option, Hive is one of the most affordable options on offer, particularly for renters. Each camera includes HD live-streaming, and playback is available via your phone, allowing for instant notifications should a sensor be triggered when you’re away.


A more low-tech alternative to the full arsenal of technology available from Hive, Canary offers a far more straightforward HD camera security system that functions through your smartphone. Despite the reduced selection of security tools on offer, these cameras are highly effective, and include full night vision in addition to a two-way talking system making it the ideal choice for pet owners. With a price under £100, the Canary system is very affordable, while a 30-day backup of video history ensures that your footage is safe and sound weeks later as and when needed. For those looking for something quick and simple, Canary is a good solution.


For homeowners looking to go the whole nine yards with their smartphone home security system, SimpliSafe is an excellent choice. This brand offers a wide range of different packages for the home depending on precisely what level of coverage is needed, with everything from glass breakage sensors to HD cameras offered as standard parts of kit. The app can be accessed via smartphone, tablet or computer to suit you, and the business’ complete focus is on creating comprehensive security systems with no contract required. For homeowners looking for something that does everything, this option might be a top pick.


It’s no surprise that Google’s premier home security system Nest has made its way onto this list. As one of the best-known models around, with countless compatibility options from additional external security to lighting and even sound systems, Nest does it all. When it comes to safety, it certainly doesn’t scrimp on the little details, with sensors, doorbells and cameras that look as great as they function, offering optimal security directly from Google’s smartphone controls.

For those already comfortable with the use of Google Home and similar systems around their household, then Nest might be the perfect option to continue with that theme and create cohesive technology choices throughout the property.


Whatever your choice of security system, picking a brand that uses smart technology is the best way to get the most out of your equipment. As technology has evolved to wireless and Bluetooth functionality, it’s easier than ever to access everything directly from one device – both for convenience and practicality. For home security, smartphone apps are the way of the future.