Android Smart Home Automation Guide

A smart home is a home that has all or most of its devices connected to the network and those can be controlled by apps on a smartphone remotely. These devices are intelligent devices and can adapt to user habits over a period of time and can also interact with each other.


Thing to know about Android Smart Home

Home automation : This is when all or most of the devices of a home are connected to a main central system which automatically turns them on or off based on the settings done.

Connected Devices : The connected devices are all your devices that are now intelligent because they are now connected to the internet. These devices already know what the user needs and can perform that tasks according to their anticipation. These devices firstly need to be programmed but over time they can adapt to the user habits and can change them accordingly.

Internet of Things : Internet of things is the basic thing that enables actually makes the automated devices smart. It connects the everyday objects and appliances in your home to a central network by which the devices are able to communicate with each other. It makes them able to perform the tasks as per the user requirements or habits without any regular input from the user.

One of the simplest home automation tasks can include –

  • Make the lights in your home automated. It means turn them on or off at a predetermined schedule or when certain conditions get triggered.
  • Make your air conditioning system to maintain a set temperature when you are at home and gets disabled automatically when you are not at home.
  • Open and close the blind of your home automatically.
  • Make your coffee maker to keep a pot ready fresh when you wake up so that you can save on your precious morning time.
  • Open the door of your garage with voice commands for that added security.
  • Even make your pets feed set amounts of food at regular timings without even having to worry about it.

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Benefits of  Android Smart Home

Convenience  : The best advantage of a smart home is the convenience that it provides. It gives you the convenience of having the temperature of your house controlled automatically, getting lights to turn on and off automatically, make your coffee ready, feed your pets, control your blinds, etc. All these are done without you needing to worry about it.

Saving : The devices connected are so intelligent that they are able to switch off when not needed and get on only when you actually require them. This can give a lot of cost saving to you.

Control : A lot of the appliances of the smart home can be controlled and managed through apps on a smartphone. This gives you a control of your home even when you are not present at home. You can practically control your home from any part of the world as long as you are connected with the internet.

Security and safety : The smart home provides you with an added security and safety for your home. You can have cameras installed and can watch your home from any place in the world. Also you can have sensors installed that can detect smoke or water leaks. These devices can manage small negligence to turn into a big disaster and can thus help prevent serious home accidents.


We hope this short guide on Android smart home automation may help you to get the basic idea about upcoming trend setter in housing industry. Let us know your words on android smart home automation. How do you see the next smart thing to change the way you live ? Use below comment box.