Xiaomi Mi Accessories Now Listed on Flipkart

Xiaomi has created a lot of buzz in the online market with the Flipkart, firstly by launching Xiaomi Mi 3 and selling a 20,000 units in just 5 seconds and then now launching Xiaomi Mi accessories again olny on Flipkart. The Xiaomi Mi accessories consist of the Mi Flip cover for Mi3 , Mi 5200 mAh power bank, Mi 10400 mAh Power Bank , Mi Screen guard and the Mi BW4122IN headset.


The Mi accessories described above are out of stock as similar as the Xiaomi Mi 3 smartphone. But the Flipkart page of Mi 3 says “Please go to the Mi store to register for the next sale happening on Aug 5, 2014.” The registration window is open from 29th Jul to 4th Aug midnight.

Here is the List of Mi Accessories with the price tag.

The Mi Flip cover is water resistant and fold-able which is a good buy for all the Mi 3 users just for Rs 559. The power bank of Xiaomi are again making the buzz by providing 5200 mAh and 10400 mAh power bank just for Rs 799 and Rs 999 respectively. This Mi 5200 mAh power bank  can charge your smartphone for 2 times and the 10400 mAh power bank can charge your phone for atleast 4 times.


With the Mi3 handset, earphones are not included, so to get the Xiaomi Mi headset from Flipkart you just need to pay INR 999 only. The last but not the least Mi accessory is the screen guard for your Mi3 phone and it’s just for INR 179 only.

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