Mi Band Launched in India for Rs. 999/-

At the global launch event held yesterday, Xiaomi took the covers off their new phone – the Mi4i. But apart from this, they also launched their fitness tracking wearable device – the Mi Band – in India. This is their first official IoT and fitness centric product launched in India, and it promises a lot of features at a very good price point of Rs. 999/-.


In this article, I\’ll take a look at all that the Mi Band has to offer in terms of functionality.


Like all fitness trackers out there, the Mi Band too focuses on the user\’s health by constantly monitoring his/her health stats in terms of steps taken and time spent sleeping. The device has integrated sensors which take note of how many steps you have covered while running and also the time you have spent resting.

This is just the monitoring part. The band also syncs with the phone using a low energy variant of Bluetooth that does not drain the battery life drastically, and transmits the data collected to a specific application, from where the user can track his st ats.


Moreover, once paired with the phone, the band vibrates when the user gets an incoming phone call or an alert. There\’s also an intelligent alarm system integrated, which will vibrate the band half an hour before the actual alarm goes off, so that the person can wake up afresh.

There\’s the smart unlock system too, by which you can unlock your device (by bypassing the lock screen) just by bringing the Mi Band close to your phone.

The Band was first unveiled in China in July last year, and went on sale in August.


The Mi Band has an Aluminium Surface with Micro Laser Perforations. It doesn\’t have a screen, but it has three blinking LEDs which indicate the status of goals completed while working out. It is completely water resistant, with IP67 certification, so one can wear it while swimming or in the shower.

For connectivity, the Bluetooth used is a low power variant, so the battery life is actually very impressive. Multiple reviews of the band match the company\’s claim of having 30 days of standby.


The Mi Band will be sold from the company\’s exclusive Indian website – mi.com. It will be sold in a range of color variants including Blue, Pink, Brown, Black, Purple and Grey.

The registration for the device begins on April 28th. As an introductory offer, the first 1000 units of the Mi Band will be available to prospective customers for Re. 1/-. The remaining will be sold at Rs. 999/-, which is very good considering the features that it offers.