Logitech Keyboard For Tablets – Best with Android 3.0+

Are you looking for best price keyboard for your tablet? Tired of using those virtual keypads? well, here today we at Above Android going to reveal a gadget for your android tablet. Logitech tablet keyboard for android 3.0+ Bluetooth wireless 920-003390.  This Logitech tablet keyboard works good on android version 3 and above. This wireless Bluetooth Logitech keypad comes with protective leather case, which can be used as stand support for tablet.


Logitech has designed this light weight product to enhance user experience to next level, It may not just add typing comfort but also makes you feel working on laptop. HOW? Logitech offer a long lasting case, which can be used in two ways, of course as keyboard case, but the case is designed in such a way that you can use it as a back stand for your tablet (as shown in picture )

Reason To Buy This Amazing Gadget

 Comfortable Typing : With physical keyboard the comfort level of typing increase. it gives you feel, even it sounds great, the sound of physical key, it is even found that many android app developer have tried to add virtual  key sounds but just doesn\’t work.

– Bullet Speed : Hell Yeah! I think speed is everything for everybody. Typing with physical keyboard enhance your speed compare to those of virtual or touch keyboard. One of the main drawback of touch keyword is you always need to hit on concern button to use number or symbols, were else in physical keyboard you can type and number, symbols or signs easily.

Aid In Traveling : Design of this gadget make it must have gadget in travelling. Simply place your tablet in one place, seat back, enjoy typing with Logitech keyboard. This versatile device pairs easily with you tablet over 30 ft Bluetooth wireless ( actually range may vary according to the setting and environment )


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I think this is enough to make you own this Logitech keyboard for tablet, buy it now and let us know your experience. Click below to buy at Decent Price