GPS Sticker That Helps To Track Anything From Your Phone

So many times it happens that we misplace things and then can’t remember where we kept them, or we forget out phones or even best carry-on luggage when we go out. TrackR is a system that lets you track anything from your phone.


What is TrackR?

TrackR is the best way to find lost or misplaced items easily. It also helps you in never losing them at first place. TrackR is a GPS Sticker with the size of a coin that helps you in tracking anything from your phone with the help of an app. TrackR sticker easily fastens or sticks to any item and then by the help of an app you can quickly locate the misplaced item by ringing on the TrackR. You can also use Distance Indicator or Crowd GPS for finding your misplaced or lost belonging. So TrackR is a system made from the combination of an app and a GPS sticker.

What can TrackR do?

TrackR provides a variety of options for finding the misplaced device. One can find his/her lost item by any of the following ways.

If the item is beyond 100 ft range then the user can use –

Distance Indicator – The TrackRapp would show you how far you are from your lost item. In this way you can reach to your misplaced item no matter how small it is. So even if you have misplaced your keys, you need not to worry about it. Just use the TrackR app to find out how far you are from your keys and then finally find it easily.

Item ringer – The item ringer feature of the TrackR app would help you find your misplaced item by making the lost item ring. When you tap on the screen for item ringing the lost item if it is in the range of 100 ft would then start ringing.

Phone finder – TrackR allows you to find your phone by making it ring by just a press of a button on your trackR. It also has a feature in which your TrackR device will ring if you leave your phone behind.

If the item goes beyond 100 ft of your GPS device then also you can find your lost belonging by the help of crowd GPS.

How does TrackR work?

TrackR works with the help of GPS stickers. These GPS stickers use replaceable batteries which can be done by the customers. The trackR devices are enabled by Bluetooth low energy so the range of these devices is 100 ft. Within this 100 ft the user can use the features of distance indicator, item ringer or 2-Way ringing.

When the item goes beyond the 100 ft range then it can be found out by using the crowd GPS feature of TrackR. When an item goes missing which has a TrackR sticker attached to it then all the TrackR enabled phones will start searching for the items. And when any other TrackR user passes by that item then the TrackR server would anonymously and automatically ping the lost item’s owned about the coordinates of the item where it was last seen