Get Nexus 5 Snap Case From Google Play Store

With the advancements in the technology the mobile covers or you say the cases have also been launched with a great variety. A few years back, the upside down flap phones came into the market. And now the Nexus 5 snap case are being launched which have got a property of side to side movement. This gives a new look to the gadget thereby making it look more sophisticated.


Availability of the Colored Snap Cases

There are various colors available for the Nexus mobiles which include black and white majorly. In the Nexus 5 snap cases are available in the 4 major colors which include black, white, gray and aqua color. The aqua color is a new one and is the latest snap case which will be available at the Google Play Store. One other case type has also been launched which is the clear one. You can select any of the above colors for your Nexus 5 mobile. The black colored snap case is really appreciated because of its softness on touching with matte work.

The colors are so contrast to each other that having all the four with yourself will give you a chance to create a sophisticated as well as a unique collection for your mobile phone. The snap cases are recently launched by the Google Play Store to provide the Nexus 5 users modern and fashionable covers. The black color availability is only in some of the countries in the world. Being a new product it will take some time for the snap cases to be available across all the countries in the world.


Price of the Nexus 5 Snap Case

The prices of the Nexus 5 Snap cases vary with time to time. As it has been launched nearly a month before the prices are seemingly high now. But you need not worry, as there are many deals and discounts at various online and offline stores. They are selling the Nexus 5 Snap cases at affordable prices for the Nexus 5 snap cases lovers. The rates for the snap covers are available from between 199 INR to 800 INR.

It is hoped that the average rates of these snap covers will get reduced within a couple of months. This will be easier for the buyers to purchase the covers without spending a lot. You can buy Nexus 5 Snap Cases launched by the Google on many of the online websites starting from 199 INR. Just make sure that you don’t compromise on your color choice or quality while purchasing the same.

Benefits of the Nexus 5 Snap Cases

The Nexus 5 snap cases provide the benefit to the buyers to choose from their various color schemes. The areas of the volume on the phone and the power button on the sides are exposed on the cover. This makes it easier for the user to use the phone efficiently. Google has got its logo printed on these snap cases. So now LG is no longer needed by these cases.

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