What is Android Wear All About ?

When the market stood dominated by Samsung an Apple by their proprietary OS platforms, it was tough to expect that any particular company could bring about something so innovative that would shake these firmly established firms from their perch. But Google’s persistent approach towards development had yielded results in the form of their new multi-platform OS, known as the Android.


It took the market by storm as it combined the features of the iOS and the simplicity of the Samsung interface, while being specifically better than both. Thus, Google has gone on improving its master piece from time to time so as to retain its prominence in the market.

Android Wear

Now, in a new age, where small is the new big, technology calls for minimizing the hardware and exciting software to match with it. In comes, Google’s latest OS platform called Android Wear specifically designed for smart watches and other wearable items. The concept behind the OS is to provide an interface for the watches so we can work on the go without going through the hassle of taking out phones or laptops.

The form factor of a watch has been seen as the basic, and the prototypes have been based on it as for now. Numerous renowned companies such as HTC, Asus, Intel, Motorola, Samsung, Fossil and many more have collaborated with the company to provide much needed credibility and functionality to the program. Manufacturers such as LG and Motorola are launching Android Wear quite soon.

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Google Now for the Wear

This revolutionary OS makes use of the Google Now service that has been seen in most of the android versions above 4.0. The Google Now is basically a personal assistant of sorts that is present in the search service of Google. It uses a mechanism to perceive the voice directives, and make sanctions and also carry out tasks given, by delegating it to a variety of web facilities. The astounding technology will be the founding stone in the android wear systems, as Google tries to add total android functionality as time progresses. It can provide an array of services related to news topic, events, hotels, weather etc.

MOTO 360

The latest offering from Motorola, The MOTO 360 uses the latest of the android wear technology. It has been launched in the year 2014 to rave reviews, as it has been fundamental proof of the android wear has the functionality it claimed. It has the traditional watch interface that can be used to do personalized searches or get recommendations related to an array of topics with Google now feature. Voice command feature that is standard helps to better communicate and perceive the results that are meted out by the device.


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Final Views

Android Wear is surely going to be a huge part of Google’s plans this year, and the company aids developers adapt to the awareness of wrist-borne apps. By now, internal designers functioning on the development are working on the software to support them validate and authenticate ideas for apps for the new OS platform.