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October 12, 2017

Android app auto-replies to WhatsApp texts when you’re busy!

Many Android phones have an option to give automatically reply through SMS when you miss any kind of call. There wasn’t any app which can give automatically reply on Whatsapp, but now you can do with Whatsapp Messages when you are busy in your any kind of Work, this new app knows as Can’t Talk.

You have to set your customize message then choose what apps you have to include with it and also don’t forget to set the toggle auto-reply on. When someone messages on your selected app, then automatic text with send to that contact who has pings you and also this app will notify you with silent notification.

Features Of Auto Reply to WhatsApp: Can’t [...]
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October 3, 2017

How To Get iPhone X Features On Your Android Device

The iPhone X has been one of the most talked about phones this year. The iPhone X brings a lot of new features and an all-new design. However, when I actually had a look at those features, I discovered that one could easily get them on an Android phone. Here is how my $200 Android phone can do what the $1000 iPhone X can.


FaceID can unlock one’s phone by registering their face. Android has had the same feature for years. One can go to Settings>Security>Smart Unlock and then choose the Trusted Face option. As a bonus, one can also unlock their Android devices using their voice as well. And of course, most Android phones still have a fingerprint [...]

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September 28, 2017

How to Tweet with 280 characters Right Now !

Just a day ago, Twitter released a post on its blog stating that the character limit has been doubled to 280. It is available only to a few users as of now but will be widely available in the future. This is a big step in the development of the platform, allowing characters.

According to Twitter, many languages such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese can be easily expressed under the 140 character limit but this constraint has affected English users which don’t find enough characters to say what they want. Twitter believes that this causes many English Twitter users to be frustrated with the limit. As a result, it has now increased its tweet limit to 280 [...]

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September 12, 2017

Schedule and Never Miss Your Uber Ride with Kommen App

Have you had issues scheduling an Uber with the Uber app – even for rural locations or cities not supported by Uber? If Yes, Then we at Above Android have found a solution for you. If Yes, Then we at Above Android have found a solution for you. Kommen App is the best way to schedule and pre book an Uber Ride absolutely anywhere the Uber service is available.

Let us guide you about this app and teach you How To Schedule your Uber Ride in advance.

Kommen LLC, a US company that focuses on developing solutions to improve the Uber experience have come up with an innovative idea. This is the first app from Kommen LLC and we expect many such apps from them. All you need to use [...]

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