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April 3, 2015

Android TV : How to Use Android Television Effectively 

Android TV is the latest Smart TV from Google that was announced at Goggle IO 2014. This Amazing product from Google lets you enjoy your smart television and android apps same time.  Users can either buy it or they can also add this new platform to the existing TV using a stand-alone set top box. This Android Television will allow the users to enjoy all the apps and functionality at a big screen.

How to Use Android Television Effectively

This TV will be able to manage videos from various sources such as HDMI, TV tuners, IPTV receivers etc.


Most of the TV viewers sit at a 10ft distance which makes all the content visible clearly. In Android TV you can design an [...]

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December 23, 2014

Ultra Slim Oppo R5 to launch in India soon

Oppo is a brand name that is steadily growing and expanding its base in India. With brilliant specifications in its devices and aided with heavy promotional campaigns, it is soon catching on to the likes of other well established players in the Indian market.

The China-based manufacturer is soon to launch its uber slim device – the 4.85 mm thin Oppo R5 – in India. Touted as one of the world’s slimmest phones (sadly, the title of the slimmest device went to Vivo X5 Max), the Oppo R5 packs quite a punch when it comes to specifications, and although it does not have flagship credentials to its name, it’s got lots of [...]

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July 4, 2013

Giveaway 3 : Andru Android Robot USB Travel Charger Worth 25$

After the Grand Success of the Giveaway # 2 , here is the Giveaway # 3 which you all are waiting for. The Giveaway # 3 is a Smart Andru Android Robot USB Travel Charger. This is the product of a company GEN. The GEN Makes various products for smartphone and the Giveaway # 3 is a major product of Gen. The Product is also called as Andru.

Andru is a spectacular phone charger made especially for Android phones, though he’ll gladly charge any phone or USB-powered device. His included cable has a micro-USB plug, but you can use your own if your device requires it. Let him keep you company at your desk, playfully tousle his antennae, tell him your problems. He’s here [...]

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