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March 7, 2015

Say No To Whatsapp+, WhatsappMD before They Ban You Permanently

Few days back Whatsapp Inc started banning users with third party apps like, Whatsapp PLUS, Whatsapp MD etc temporarily for 24 to 72 hours. But in recent we have received numerous comments and emails about “Whatsapp banning” thing  and which is not for temporary. We request you to stop downloading such third party apps if you don’t want yourself to get banned Permanently. But in the poll, took onAbove Android site, we found users showing more interest in 3rd party app than original WhatsApp, which may be because of additional feature user can enjoy over 3rd party apps.

Look what Some Banned User has to say on AboveAndroid 

Riina commented  “My countdown [...]

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June 26, 2014

Facebook’s Slingshot Now Available Globally : App Review

You might have heard about Snapchat, which is the messaging application that helps you to send videos and images to your friends. After the message had been viewed at other end, it gets deleted after some time. Now, Facebook had launched a competing application named Slingshot. This is the instant messaging app that was initially made available for download to people living in USA. Now it’s time to be happy. This messaging application has now been made available globally.

But one of the major differences that you will notice between Snapchat and Slingshot is that you can send many messages in Snapchat, with recipient able to view every message as soon as it arrives. [...]

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June 9, 2014

WhatsApp Service was Again Down for 90 Miniutes

One of the world’s most popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp was experiencing some service issues and seems to be down for one and half hour. It was around 12.30 am IST, when the whatsapp service went down and about 2.00 am IST, the whatsapp was working normally again. The users were unable to send or receive any messages during this period of time all over the world.

On Twitter, the company’s service status account has not tweeted about any service disruption and the official Twitter account was also mum on the issue. However users have taken to the micro-blogging service to express their disappointment. The twitter was flooded with the tweets and some of the [...]

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May 2, 2014

Top 3 App Updates Related To Messaging : SnapChat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp

In last week, there were many apps who got the significant app updates and they almost changed the way we use them. Many of them were the messaging app which added many new features some of them were : SnapChat, Facebook Messenger and the WhatsApp. So this article is all the way to explain what new features are added to this app from the updates.

Top 3 App Updates Related To Messaging : 1. SnapChat

There are two type of people, one who use SnapChat and other who don’t. The majority of teenager enjoy to send image and text caption as new way of chatting or messaging. But for the people who don’t there is a new update in this application which have added [...]

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