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October 13, 2017

IObit Applock Review and Pro Code For All

The best company for mobile security in the world have developed a mobile security app called IObit Applock. The Android devices are very much secure by using IObit app lock. This app is very easy to use and lock smartphone as well as to keep your stuff secure from unauthorized users. To safeguard privacy and data security the first app which comes in our mind is IObit Applock. Stay with us till the end of Article, there is something awesome for all of you.

IObit app is very simple to use, just you have to select the apps which you want to lock and then features of security will get activated automatically. When you will try to open those apps, you will get one screen [...]

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October 12, 2017

Android app auto-replies to WhatsApp texts when you’re busy!

Many Android phones have an option to give automatically reply through SMS when you miss any kind of call. There wasn’t any app which can give automatically reply on Whatsapp, but now you can do with Whatsapp Messages when you are busy in your any kind of Work, this new app knows as Can’t Talk.

You have to set your customize message then choose what apps you have to include with it and also don’t forget to set the toggle auto-reply on. When someone messages on your selected app, then automatic text with send to that contact who has pings you and also this app will notify you with silent notification.

Features Of Auto Reply to WhatsApp: Can’t [...]
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October 11, 2017

Microsoft brings Edge to Android, introducing Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft has announced that it will bring the Edge Web Browser to Android Devices and also done relaunching of Arrow Launcher as Microsoft Launcher, which is available for Android on Google PlayStore. They assured that Edge Browser will be released soon. One of the most important features is that Windows 10 user can pin their contacts right to main Launcher. You can also open contact’s information or quickly contact that person.

Microsoft is building a new feature on Microsoft Launcher for Android, including a “Continue on PC”. Those who are using Microsoft Launcher can long press on documents, images and much more to continue the new experience on their [...]

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September 29, 2017

Tata Nexon 2017 with Android Auto launched in India

Before Getting into Tata Nexon, why does a Car even has to be in An Android website? you ask me. Well, this is a car with Google’s New Android made just For it.

“Hey chief, come back your warriors need a leader” 

Can’t wait to play Clash of Clans while doing 85 mph and relaxing with a nice cold beer? No! Android Auto was designed with more safety in mind. With a simple and intuitive interface made for cars, integrated steering wheel controls, and a very powerful new voice actions for Car, it’s designed in such a way to minimize distraction so you can be focused on the road.


This is the home screen of [...]

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