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October 17, 2017

How To Change Fonts in WhatsApp While Chatting

Many time we thinks to change fonts in WhatsApp while chatting to someone. Not you? I am sure, ever you thought the same ever while using WhatsApp. After seeing same and same fonts style from starting we all get bored with default font in our phone. If you see any stylish font in our friends or some else’s phone, we too wish to do the same. But how? There are two ways you can choose. Either change Fond of your whole Android phone or just change your WhatsApp font.

Changing Font style in Android is a little tough process because you need to root your phone and that’s not so easy. Even many people don’t wants to ruin their phone warranty by rooting it. In this [...]

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October 13, 2017

IObit Applock Review and Pro Code For All

The best company for mobile security in the world have developed a mobile security app called IObit Applock. The Android devices are very much secure by using IObit app lock. This app is very easy to use and lock smartphone as well as to keep your stuff secure from unauthorized users. To safeguard privacy and data security the first app which comes in our mind is IObit Applock. Stay with us till the end of Article, there is something awesome for all of you.

IObit app is very simple to use, just you have to select the apps which you want to lock and then features of security will get activated automatically. When you will try to open those apps, you will get one screen [...]

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October 9, 2017

Amazon Echo Dot Vs Google Home Mini : Complete Comparison

Buying a smart speaker is like buying groceries for your house, it’s that ‘Important’. On 4th October 2017, Google held an event in San Fransico and they launched a ton of products who’ll make their debut in a store near you this week and one of them was Google Home Mini.

The festival season is fast approaching and this is the best time to buy yourself or gift a loved one a smart speaker. Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot sales will boost up in the coming months, so which one do you buy? Let’s take a look.

Amazon Echo Dot Vs Google Home Mini Design:

As you all know looks play a big part in each and every device. Google Home Mini [...]

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October 4, 2017

Live Blog : Google Pixel 2 (and Much More) Event


4th Oct 11:15 PM IST

Here we reach the closing session of #MadeByGoogle. Thanks for following @AboveAndroid live through out the event. More detail about each products to be shared soon.


4th Oct 11:10 PM IST

Next Product is Google Clips. All the machine learning happens on the device itself. It is really small. “It’s a hands-free camera” It will be available for $249 from today.

4th Oct 11:00 PM IST

New product is Google Pixel Buds. It is a company’s first wireless earbuds. You can do real-time translations using Google Pixel Buds. It have 5 hours listing charge.

4th Oct [...]

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